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A Year of Riddles: November Answers
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A Year of Riddles: November Answers

November 1
Snake coiled round and round. Snake deep below the ground. Snake that’s never had a head. Snake that binds but not with dread.
Answer: Rope

November 2
My first is in ocean but never in sea. My second’s in wasp but never in bee. My third is in glider and also in flight. My whole is a creature that comes out at night.
Answer: Owl

November 3
Dies half its life. Lives the rest. Dances without music. Breathes without breath.
Answer: Tree

November 4
What runs around all day. Then lies under the bed. With its tongue hanging out?
Answer: Shoe

November 5
It’s true I bring serenity. And hang around the stars. But yet I live in misery, you’ll find me behind bars. With thieves and villains I consort. In prison I’ll be found. But I would never go to court. Unless there’s more than one.
Answer: S

November 6
You must keep this thing. Its loss will affect your brothers. For once yours is lost, it will soon be lost by others.
Answer: Temper

November 7
What can you catch but not throw?
Answer: Cold

November 8
Black we are and much admired. Men seek us if they are tired. We tire the horse, comfort man. Guess this riddle if you can.
Answer: Coal

November 9
I have a face, yet no senses. But I don’t really care, because time is of the essence.
Answer: Clock

November 10
If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don’t have it.
Answer: Secret

November 11
There is one in every corner and two in every room.
Answer: O

November 12
It comes only before, it comes only after. Rises only in darkness, but rises only in light. It is always the same, but is yet always different.
Answer: Moon

November 13
As soft as silk, as white as milk, as bitter as gall, a thick green wall, and a green coat covers me all.

November 14
We are little airy creatures, all of different voice and features, one of us in glass is set. One of us you’ll find in jet. Another you may see in tin. And the fourth a box within. If the fifth you should pursue, it can never fly from you.
Answer: Vowels

November 15
Three little letters. A paradox to some. The worse that it is, the better it becomes.
Answer: Pun

November 16
Almost everyone needs it, asks for it, gives it. But almost nobody takes it.
Answer: Advice

November 17
Different lights do make me strange, thus into different sizes I will change.
Answer: Pupil

November 18
Ten men’s strength, ten men’s length. Ten men can’t break it, yet a young boy walks off with it. Answer: Rope

November 19
Some try to hide, some try to cheat. But time will show, we always will meet. Try as you might, to guess my name. I promise you’ll know, when you I do claim.
Answer: Death

November 20
I’m a god. I’m a planet. I measure heat.
Answer: Mercury

November 21
I’m white, I’m round, but not always around. Sometimes you see me, sometimes you don’t.
Answer: Moon

November 22
People are hired to get rid of me. I’m often hiding under your bed. In time I’ll always return you see. Bite me and you’re surely dead.
Answer: Dust

November 23
Die without me, never thank me. Walk right through me, never feel me. Always watching, never speaking. Always lurking, never seen.
Answer: Air

November 24
White bird, featherless, flying out of paradise. Flying over sea and land. Dying in my hand.
Answer: Snow

November 25
My life can be measured in hours. I serve by being devoured. Thin, I am quick. Fat, I am slow. Wind is my foe.
Answer: Candle

November 26
What goes up but never comes down?
Answer: Age

November 27
We are all around, yet to us you are half blind. Sunlight makes us invisible, and difficult to find.
Answer: Stars

November 28
What’s large on Saturday and Sunday. Small on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and disappears on Monday and Friday?
Answer: S

November 29
What do you fill with empty hands?
Answer: Gloves

November 30
Goes over all the hills and hollows. Bites hard, but never swallows.
Answer: Frost

Answers for games to Facebook » Answers of games on Facebook and IOS, Android ... » Answers to the game A Year of Riddles » A Year of Riddles: November Answers
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