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Answers for games to Facebook » Answers of games on Facebook and IOS, Android ... » Answers to the game A Year of Riddles » A Year of Riddles: March Answers
A Year of Riddles: March Answers
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A Year of Riddles: March Answers

March 1
I am a fire’s best friend. When fat, my body fills with wind. When pushed to thin, through my nose I blow. Then you can watch the embers glow.
Answer: Bellows

March 2
Every dawn begins with me. At dusk I’ll be the first you see, and daybreak couldn’t come without. What midday centers all about. Daises grow from me, I’m told. And when I come, I end all code, but in the sun I won’t be found. Yet still, each day I’ll be around.
Answer: D

March 3
You heart it speak, for it has a hard tongue. But it cannot breathe, for it has not a lung.
Answer: Bell

March 4
I cut through evil like a double edged sword, and chaos flees at my approach. Balance I single-handedly upraise, through battles fought with heart and mind, instead of with my gaze.
Answer: Justice

March 5
The eight of us move forth and back. To protect our king from the foes attack.
Answer: Pawns

March 6
He has one and a person has two. A citizen has three. And a human being has four. A personality has five. And an inhabitant of earth has six.
Answer: Syllable

March 7 If you break me, I do not stop working. If you touch me, I may be snared. If you lose me, nothing will matter.
Answer: Heart

March 8 What’s in the middle of nowhere?
Answer: H

March 9
What force and strength cannot get through. I, with a gentle touch, can do. Many in the street would stand. Were I not a friend at hand.
Answer: Key

March 10
Often held but never touched. Always wet but never rusts. Often bits but seldom bit. To use it well you must have wit.
Answer: Tongue

March 11
As round as an apple. As deep as a cup. All the king’s horses can’t pull it up.
Answer: Well

March 12
He stands beside the road. In a purple cap at tattered green cloak. Those who touch him, curse him.
Answer: Thistle

March 13
Power enough to smash ships and crush roofs. Yet it still must fear the sun.
Answer: Ice

March 14
What surrounds the world, yet dwells within a thimble?
Answer: Space

March 15
I cannot be other than what I am, until the man who made me dies. Power and glory will fall to me finally. Only when he last closes his eyes.
Answer: Prince

March 16
What is it that makes tears without sorrow. And takes its journey to heaven?
Answer: Smoke

March 17
Inside a great blue castle lives a shy young maid. She blushes in the morning and comes not out at night.
Answer: Sun

March 18
This thing runs but cannot walk, sometimes sings but never talks. Lacks arms, has hands; lacks a head but has a face.
Answer: Clock

March 19
A word I know, six letters it contains. Subtract just one and twelve remains.
Answer: Dozens

March 20
I go in hard and dry. I come out soft and sticky. You can blow me.
Answer: Gum

March 21
I am the yellow hem of the sea’s blue skirt.
Answer: Beach

March 22
A skin have I, more eyes than one. I can be very nice when I am done.
Answer: Potato

March 23
I have four legs but no tail. Usually I am heard only at night.
Answer: Frog

March 24
A tiny bead, like fragile glass, strung along a cord of grass.
Answer: Dew

March 25
Break it and it is better, immediately set and harder to break again.
Answer: Record

March 26
Each morning I appear to lie at your feet, all day I follow no matter how fast you run. Yet I nearly perish in the midday sun.
Answer: Shadow

March 27
What do you throw out to use and take in when you’re done?
Answer: Anchor

March 28
What is it which builds things up? Lays mountains low? Dries up lakes, and makes things grow? Cares not a whim about your passing? And is like few other things, because it is everlasting? Answer: Time

March 29
I am the fountain from which no one can drink. For many I am considered a necessary link. Like gold to all I am sought for, but my continued death brings wealth for all to want more.
Answer: Oil

March 30
Sleeping during the day, I hide away. Watchful through the night, I open at dawn’s light. But only for the briefest time, do I shine. And then I hide away. And sleep through the day.
Answer: Sunrise

March 31
A seed am I, three letters make my name. Take away two and I still sound the same.
Answer: Pea

Answers for games to Facebook » Answers of games on Facebook and IOS, Android ... » Answers to the game A Year of Riddles » A Year of Riddles: March Answers
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